Roger has over 25 years experience in the oil industry, and is considered one of Canada’s leading energy experts. Roger has worked in senior marketing management positions responsible for national and international accounts with Texaco and Esso. His tenure with the oil companies included the establishment of the pricing of all fuels to major consumers in the transportation and manufacturing sectors on a national and international basis.

Roger is the originator of the cardlock concept of marketing on-road diesel that is now the predominant purchase method of diesel in Canada. Because of Roger’s extensive knowledge of the oil industry in North America and pricing structures, his expertise is sought by local, national, and international media.

Roger is a regular guest on radio and television programs, and he is often quoted in newspaper and magazines across Canada. Roger provides gasoline price predictions daily on the 680News/En-Pro Gas Updates. He also provides Early Bird Trends in gasoline and is a regular contributor to Truck News.

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