Coming up with a “Eureka” thought/moment as an inspiration for these weekly comments on petroleum related energy issues in this country at times requires a honing of my obituary writing skills, which may be well past their best before dates (BBD).


That was my inspirational thought-trigger for this week’s “oracalization.”

If the Thousand Island dressing stored in my fridge door has grown lots more islands of a disturbingly dark blue hue then maybe, just maybe,  the ”best before” is in the past and we should just let it go out to be recycled into something recycled. Huh? Ok, let’s get on with it.

President Biden didn’t like the smell of the Keystone XL pipeline, so it has been tossed aside with our Prime Minister obediently holding open the garbage bag for his new pal, Joey.

I find it astounding that the first decree signed with a flourish by the new leader of the most powerful economic and military nation on this planet who, it seems by an accident of geography, happens to be our neighbour and biggest trading partner, tore up the transborder permit for this economic lifeline – for both countries – and all in the name of strictly political ballast. 

Is this just the beginning of the end of the U.S. Canada energy blind date?

Could well be.

Next on the Biden hit list may be the shut down of Line 5 the importance of which I have elaborated on to the point of boredom for the last six weeks now. Hopefully, the message and probable political fallout should this line be shut down has not fallen on the two deaf ears in Ottawa. It is imperative to the economy of the entire country that all political accents be placed on the wording to the U.S. President that this line be kept open. This may be a difficult sell if anyone in Ottawa is interested in selling it.

The KXL was an export pipeline to our only customer — Line 5 is a conduit for Western Canadian Select to provide input stock for Canadian refineries in the Sarnia hub as well as facilities in Quebec.

Why would President Biden keep open a crude oil line just to placate his loyal northern neighbour and largest trading partner?

Why bother! America First. North America second — or is it third?

It is time to stand up to our leadership and demand they stand up for us to be counted on this issue, or at least stand up before we are all out for the count. We own the Trans Mountain pipeline that is now under construction. Finish the construction and fast! Get the Alberta crude to tidewater before the tide goes out.

That’s the only thing left in our energy fridge door that has time left before its best before date goes stale like our “relationship date” with our southern best friends!

– Roger McKnight – B.Sc., Senior Petroleum Analyst

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